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Typical Requests For Services

We have 5 backup tapes each day that I take home with me for offsite storage, which of course is a bad idea. Looking for prices on having the tapes picked up and returned later for rotation.
Forced to close practice, Need records stored and point of contact for patients who will request charts in future.
Looking for a company that stores physical tape backups offsite. We make a tape backup then take it off site to the storage facility.
We are looking to ship once a week and have tapes rotated on a 2-2-5 week basis. We would be looking to store 4-5 additional tapes each month for permanent offsite storage. Currently, we use Iron Mountain and it's quite expensive for what they do for us.

I would like to have a quote to store our back-up tapes (10) with daily delivery and pick-up of tapes. Appx 50 boxes