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Typical Requests For Services

We are looking to ship once a week and have tapes rotated on a 2-2-5 week basis. We would be looking to store 4-5 additional tapes each month for permanent offsite storage. Currently, we use Iron Mountain and it's quite expensive for what they do for us.

We are looking to backup to tape our Email platform that currently resides on NetApp filers.
Please provide me a description of your services as they relate to weekly pickups of backup tapes, retrieval, and how they are recorded. We would have a max of 17 boxes at one time.
We are looking for secure media storage for tapes and cds, including daily, or possibly weekly, messenger service to rotate back-up tapes. Storage volume requirements would probably not exceed something along the lines of 7x7x25 -- we could work wit
I am looking to replace my current offsite storage vendor. I ship 2 tapes a day offsite and and 3 on Fridays. I use a 6 wk recycle program also.