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Typical Requests For Services

I would like to inquire about off site tape vaulting services
Do you provide pickup/delivery and storage of computer backup tapes from sites in Dayton OH?
We have various types of media that we would like stored off site, from Betas, VHS, DV mini cam, Betacam masters, Hi 8, etc. We are interested in get some pricing and more information on your storage of our media.
Hi my name is xxxx xxxxxx and I am a Systems Engineer at xxxxxx Health. We are unsatisfied with our current vendor and are looking into options for changing our backup tape storage vendor.
We have a need for offsite vaulting of our SDLT tapes. We will have about 100 tapes in total, to be picked up and dropped off once weekly, and we need to be able to have near instant access to our tape (in the event of a server down).