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Typical Requests For Services

Do you provide pickup/delivery and storage of computer backup tapes from sites in Dayton OH?
I need a quota for off-site tape cartridge storage. One cartridge per week. I'd like to have other options and prices.
I am researching off-site, secure media storage service for our audio, video and data media tapes and drives. Do you provide this service in Lincoln?
We have an HP Ultrium data cartridge for backing up our network that we are going to need to be picked up weekly from our 2 locations. It is small in the size of a CD and there are going to be 2 that are needed to be stored. Please let me know if thi
We are looking for a data storage group (we recently let our previous vendor go). We have an archive box with approximately 10-15 tapes and two weekly roation boxes with 10 tapes each. I need a 24 hour service in case of emergency which is somethin