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Why Outsource Tape Storage and Rotation

The proper protection of all Tapes, CDs, DVDs, Hard Disk Drives and other electronic media which contain private - confidential information is everyone's moral and legal responsibility. You must take every precaution to protect the electronic media from those not authorized to have access to the information. In particular, it is important to protect the media from disgruntled employees, contractors and other visitors to your facility.

Reasons to Outsource Tape Storage and Rotation

Your electronic data will spend most of its lifetime in storage. You need a strong electronic data retention policy. You need a professional media vault company to become a partner with you to help implement your tape, cd and other data storage solution.

Off-Site Tape Storage Provides Unsurpassed Security

Storing your confidential tapes, CD's, DVD's Flash Drives and Hard Disk Drives and other data off-site protects them from unauthorized review and removal by those who are not authorized to see the records. 

Those unauthorized individuals could be disgruntled employees, outside contractors, vendors, etc who access to your offices. By using a professional Media Vault Company, you can limit who has access to your electronic data. The Media Vault Company personnel are background checked and the facility is monitored 24 hours a day to prevent unauthorized access.

Tape Storage Companies - Vital for Disaster Recovery

If your organization should fall victim to a natural or man made disaster, you want to be completely up and running with no lost data as fast as possible. Recovering from a disaster is no time to start rebuilding your data from hard copy. Proper media backup can shorten the recovery time. Off-site backup is vital to properly protect your company.

Typical Requests For Services

I am looking to replace my current offsite storage vendor. I ship 2 tapes a day offsite and and 3 on Fridays. I use a 6 wk recycle program also.
15 oversize media storage safes containing microfilm. The storage facility must be ANSI/AIIM certified and approved for storage of archival records. It must be a temp and humidity controlled environment to reduce the risk of damage or film deterioration.
We would like to store our backup tapes offsite. We have 4 tapes per week - to be on a rotating basis.
I would like a quote for offsite media storage(LTO Ultrium tapes) and weekly tape rotation for our Ventura and Simi Valley locations.
I would like to know what you have available to store & protect our LTO Ultrium 3 back-up tapes. We have approximately 4 years on hand with a number of older media tapes on site as well and are currently using 60 tapes per year. How many years do w